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About AXI

Actively playing & having fun

Spelende kinderen rond axi-huisje In and around an AXI playhouse you can play, climb, glide and discover. To children it really is a small-scale house. While one playhouse offers a veranda, another one has a slide or even a sandbox.

Our AXI playhouses have unique details that bring a child’s fantasy to life; one day they might be playing in a normal playhouse but the next they might be playing in a castle or even a boat! Luckily our designers are blessed with the same vivid imagination, which makes designing the houses even more fun and challenging. Obviously only the best and most beautiful ideas have been transformed into reality by our designers. Furthermore, the design team did not forget about the specific demands of the parents. Therefore our playhouses are not only fun but also safe, sturdy and easy to install.

Safe & reliable

Logo CE-keurmerk If you choose an AXI playhouse, you choose safety, durabilty and pure fun! All our playhouses have been tested and approved and meet the toughest TÜV safety standards. Furthermore, all playhouses carry the important CE label.

The smooth and complete detailed finish turns the playhouse into an extra safe one. The slanted finish of the window frames minimalize the risk of fingers getting stuck. Furthermore, magnets make sure that closing windows and doors happen in the safest and most child-friendly way possible. Every staircase in our playhouses consists of flat steps so that children are able to climb up as safely as possible. The bar above the slide also offers extra safety.

Sustainable & sturdy

AXI-huisje met kind AXI playhouses are not only beautiful but also very strong.
The panels, used to build the playhouses, are made of 15mm thick cedar planks that have been joined in a 38mm thick framework. The heavy frame and the sturdy construction make sure that the playhouse is able to take it.

Cedar wood is a sustainable kind of wood with a natural resistance against mold, vermin and dry rot. This is why we can guarantee a long lifespan of our AXI playhouses. The durability of AXI playhouses is reinforced by the extra protective layer of a stain.

For now & later

Logo FSC The AXI playhouses are made of Asian cedar wood, named Cunninghemia lanceolata. This is a 100% FSC kind of wood originating from forests that are managed properly. For each chopped tree another tree is being planted. By carefully choosing our suppliers safe, honest and sustainable playhouses are being guaranteed. Together with you we only want the best and safest playhouse possible, without compromising the environment!

Would you like more information on the FSC label? Please visit the official FSC website.

1,2,3 ready...& play!

Turn your child’s dream into reality in an instant! Every AXI playhouse consists of drilled, ready-made panels that you can fix in an instant. The panels are complete, with mounted windows, doors and roofing. We even did the painting for you! The only thing for you to do is to fix the panels and have your children enjoy the playhouse.

Guarantee & service

To underline the high quality of AXI playhouses you will have a guarantee of two years on the construction and even five years on the wood!

About AXI